more ease, without more work.

consistent cash while still having a spacious schedule.

$10k, $20k, even $50k months working 15hrs. a week.

unwavering beliefs that you can thrive as a mama AND ceo.

How often have you been taught that running a business is hard, stressful, exhausting, a constant hustle?

And… the same stories about motherhood?

You’re not just a business owner, you’re a mama too. And while you deeply desire more abundance + money in your business, not at the expense of your life.

Right now, you’re getting a lot of things right but you know, deep down, that what’s gotten you this far, won’t take you to the next level of income… 

It's time for...

So let's change that.

This is meant for you.
The best part: I’ve got something to help.

The free Magnetic Mindset Summit is about just that.

Embodying the mindset & energy that creates $5-figure months, without working more than 20hrs / week. 

[Because you’re not ready to sacrifice motherhood, to be making just enough money.]

15+ speakers over 3 days will teach you the energetic strategies you can use to become the woman calling in money like magic, at a whole new level of ease.

happening late 2022

I'm a designer turned mindset coach for creatives and in particular, mamas. & to be honest, I have had more ups and downs in my business than I care to admit. In fact, for years, the income roller coaster was my normal, and it seemed like while everyone around me was growing, making more & finding success…

I was stuck in this weird money cycle. One month I'd book a client & make $3k. The next month was crickets and I wouldn't even be able to pay myself. 

When I became a mom in 2018, I was not willing to sacrifice time with my baby to grow my business. I desired BOTH. That standard led me to finally figure out what I was doing, focus on my money mindset and start making consistent income. 

But when I did things changed…rapidly. From $3k to consistent $8k months, then $11k. In March, when baby #2 was born at home I still made $17k cash.

Energetics and mindset are truly 90% of your success. And as a mama + ceo there are some unique things that come up for you. Magnetic Mindset Summit is all about helping you embody the woman who gets to be wealthy in every aspect of your life.

Hey there, I'm Cassie

Have we met yet?...

You’ve already been DOing in your business. Magnetic Mindset Summit is about leaning into BEing. 

You desire to have those slow mornings, drinking an oat milk latte while your little one reads books with you, and still create wealth abundance in your business. To get there, you have to change how you 👉🏼 be with money. 👈🏼

Your Mindset, Your Way

The quickest way to success? Doing things uniquely aligned to you. Embrace your intuition & soul guidance.

Pricing & Selling

Making more money isn’t just about raising your prices. Shift your beliefs around pricing, selling & receiving to allow more (while doing less).

Energetic Upgrades w/ Ease

You don’t have to be stuck at ‘good enough.’ Learn how to move into overflow, as your new standard. 

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Guiding mamas in business to manifest $5-figure months, by shifting your beliefs from scarcity to magnetic abundance.

3 day event!

Magnetic Mindset Summit is about a different approach to business. Because truly impactful action comes from an abundant mindset. 

You’re tired of following somebody else’s 28476 step plan to run your business. And the truth is, the perfect email sequence, sales call process, instagram caption or funnel will only take you so far. Your energetic frequency and belief create 90% of your results. 

So, if you’re ready for a new season in business, it’s time to shift things from the inside out.

Around here, we don’t believe that strategy alone will get you where you want to go.

Our amazing experts are teaching on things like...

Embodied feminine leadership
Quantum leaping your results
How to use tools like EFT tapping & meditation for success
Navigating through seasons of motherhood & business growth
The energy of aligned sales to call in dream clients
Shifting from lack to overflow with your pricing beliefs
Allowing ease & flow into your business
Reprogramming your subconscious beliefs
Making space for more money, as a mom

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